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  • MARKET ANALYSIS and strategy
  • Business model & retail expansion
  • EVENTS and co-marketing
  • Public relations and press office
  • WEB MARKETING & community management

“Arà” is a Florence-based company run by Sicilian professionals and dedicated to preparing and serving Sicilian delicacies in a manner that respects tradition, the environment, the supply chain and customer wellbeing. The three current outlets in Florence have already won over the hearts of the city’s residents, for whom “Arà” has become synonymous with Sicily, goodness, flavour and passion.

Carmelo Panocchietti, expert baker and pastry chef from Modica, has succeeded in creating exquisite, artisanal products that keep those who have tasted them coming back for more.

We met the Arà team at the Mercato Centrale in Florence when we were managing a number of outlets in the market (La Pasta Fresca di Raimondo Mendolia, Tosca) and providing consultancy services to PANK La Bulangeria run by David Bedu, an ongoing arrangement.

It was immediately clear that we shared the same values, the same vision, and a desire to undertake projects that offer an innovative take on tradition, while at the same time respecting it, and without compromising on pleasure.

And so, Segesta Visio SRL was founded, with IDEA Food & Beverage as partner. Its goal is to offer an innovative take on the best traditional Sicilian food and wine products, while respecting the environment and customers’ wellbeing, and satisfying customers by combining their desires with contemporary values.

The company handles the development of the new “Arà” outlets, first with the opening of a new premises in Florence, and later expanding within Italy and abroad. The new outlets benefit from a new marketing strategy and development method contributed by IDEA Food & Beverage, and significant innovations with regard to cooking, preparation and ordering methods, which we have developed in collaboration with the “Arà” team.

Product values
  • Sicilian taste and deliciousness
  • Wholesomeness
  • Respect for the supply chain, tradition and the customer
  • Recognised brand
Strategy values
  • Human to Human marketing
  • Concept orientato ai bisogni contemporanei
  • Fidelity e community
  • Product and service innovation

Coming Soon: December 2021!