What have we done
  • Press office & PR
  • co-marketing consulting
  • house organ creation
  • brand positioning

Our work for Panini Durini involved consultancy and image activities for the web, and relations with influencers in the sector and the specialist press. Activities included organising events, such as the “Panino Solidale” [Socially-Conscious Sandwich] charity initiative designed and created by us, which saw major personalities and journalists getting involved in a contest among bloggers. We also curated the restyling of the website and bimonthly editing of the house organ, with 10,000 copies distributed at the outlets.

By developing events, initiatives and communications, we worked to position the brand according to a system of values which served to increase not only brand awareness, but also “brand sentimenti.e. the attachment of the community of customers to the brand and the company.



Product values
  • 20 shops in Milan
  • strategic locations
  • fast & smart
Strategy values
  • brand re-positioning
  • charity events
  • Fidelity and community
  • human to human marketing