What have we done
  • International market analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Concept & strategy
  • Market strategy
  • Retail design and visual
  • Commercial strategy
  • International market development

Maestri della Pasta is a new format that brings the authentic goodness and flavour of Italian fresh pasta to the world.Based on the client’s entrepreneurial idea and an in-depth and extensive analysis of the international market, we developed and refined the logo, modernising it and bringing it into line with the strategy. Subsequently, we produced visual branding that – while remaining highly recognisable (fundamental in the fast casual segment) – could convey the key factors of competitiveness, brand promise and the values accompanying the Maestri della Pasta brand.

We later handled the display at the outlets and food trucks, development of online and offline promotional campaigns, the implementation of customer loyalty initiatives, management of development partners and PR activities with the media and press office.



Product values
  • Italian pasta
  • international vocation
  • food truck
Strategy values
  • Product development
  • Operations consulting
  • Marketing strategy

Developing a food service format from zero” is particularly challenging when there is no existing, already-performing outlet to use as a starting point and adapt for scale to an international context.  As such, our analysis had to cover the first three opening locations (Lugano, London, Luxembourg), while also preparing for expansion into countries that were different again in terms of both tastes and sensitivities regarding communications strategies. Creating a strong and recognisable brand that can adapt to heterogeneous markets is a challenge requiring in-depth analysis and a carefully researched strategy.

Maestri della Pasta conveys “Italianness”, quality and origins, but it does so in a mature way that is in keeping with the times. The brand is rich in Italian tradition without ridiculing it, and therefore without betraying its origins. Respect for quality and tradition are central elements of the communications strategy and the outlets.

As well as developing the brand identity, strategy and managing marketing, we arrange promotions, manage communications and provide support with the opening of new locations through specific market analysis and impact assessment activities.