What have we done
  • Concept, design and brand creation
  • Business model
  • Market positioning
  • EVENTS and co-marketing
  • Pubblic relations and press office
  • WEB MARKETING and community management

We developed the concept for Camplus, Italy’s leading student housing operator.

The brief was clear: to revamp the food service offering at the 12+ Camplus campuses, in order to increase the perception of quality in this area among students and their parents.

Camplus had been offering a standard canteen setup, using traditional canteen service providers. There was a growing number of complaints from students and parents concerning quality, appeal and rotation of the options, however, including in light of the fees paid by students, which also covered board. This situation risked damaging the Camplus brand.

The marketing strategy, based on the IDEA Food & Beverage method, led to the creation of a space not solely limited to food service, but also designed to be inhabited and moulded, with higher quality cooking – without higher prices – and artisanal ingredients. Just what the younger generations want. The results were quickly apparent: 600 receipts a day per sales outlet one year on from the launch, break-even achieved after four months, and improved sentiment toward the Camplus brand.



Product values
  • A space that changes, designed to be inhabited and moulded
  • A place to get to know others and exchange ideas
  • Wholesome catering with artisanal ingredients
  • The client’s wishes at the forefront of our minds
Strategy values
  • Human to Human marketing
  • Concept based on the specific wishes of the client
  • Fidelity and community
  • Disruptive branding

To develop the concept, we began with a student sentiment analysis via a series of interviews and questionnaires aimed at identifying their requirements. We then carried out an analysis of Camplus’s competitors in the local area (both in terms of student housing and food service) and finally conducted an in-depth psychometric and social study of the habits and customs of the so-called “Generation Z”, i.e. Camplus’s customers now and for the next 6 years.

Based on this, we designed and developed a concept exclusively conceived of for Generation Z and Camplus residents, in order to satisfy their wishes and – through these spaces – improve their experience with the Camplus brand, their stay on campus and their university experience.

Students reacted in a very positive way, regularly visiting the spaces and consuming the products served, including those that required separate payment, despite students’ natural propensity towards saving money.

In a satisfaction analysis carried out at the end of the second lockdown period (red zone decree), 75% of students declared that the space (despite being limited to a take-away or outdoor experience) contributed to keeping their spirits up thanks to the opportunities for sharing and community that it facilitated for students on the campus. The malleability of the spaces and opportunity to mould them also saw students getting involved in the process of developing and –by extension – Camplus.

Online interactions, post sharing and the community surrounding the brand in general increased rapidly and, following the initial trial on the Venice campus, the initiative will soon be rolled out on other Italian Camplus sites, starting in Florence and Rome.

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