What have we done
  • Lead generation and data nalaysis
  • Visual and brand image
  • Commercial strategy

Ferrowine is a 1,000m2 wine store opened by Ferro Distribuzione in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) in November 2014. We got involved in the project three months prior to opening, curating the entire organisational strategy of the retail outlet, the offering, promotion, staff selection (hiring only AIS sommeliers), staff training, and coming up with in-store initiatives.

Such initiatives, such as tasting courses and opportunities to meet producers, were a fundamental driver that enabled the sales outlet to get off to a strong start and immediately expand the market by cultivating new winelovers. We also developed the marketing strategy used to position the company within the market: this activity was critical, given the intrinsic challenges of opening what may be regarded as a “white elephant”, given that Castelfranco Veneto has just 30,000 residents.

Indeed, it was crucial to build a business that could draw customers from Padua, Venice and Treviso. This goal was achieved thanks to the appeal of the displays, the obsessive focus on service, attentive customer care and effective promotion.


Product values
  • An appealing and beautifully finished space
  • A company with a long history (110 years)
  • A selection of 5,000 wines
  • Craft beers and quality spirits
Strategy Values
  • Fidelity and community

Our work led to us designing and handling all communications for the company: from photo shoots to graphics for all communications materials and the web. We also supported the company in developing promotional initiatives (Loyalty Card) and identifying the best promotions to run following an analysis of consumption and the company’s goals. Such promotions, based on a careful study of the store’s KPIs, led to major results being achieved in terms of increasing customer numbers and turnover.

Thanks to the success of these efforts, a second Ferrowine store was opened in Jesolo (VE) in 2019.