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Giuseppe Adelardi 19 ottobre 2022

Over years of providing support to SMEs, we have brought our customers a working method and marketing culture which is usually the prerogative of large companies equipped with their own structured internal marketing office (with at least a dozen employees), or who can afford consultancy from major players in the marketing sector.


Our purpose in the market is specifically to provide SMEs and growing artisans with tools that accelerate and make the path they are taking efficient, and to grow alongside them.

It is no mere coincidence that we have already become partners to 3 of our clients: our proactive and results-oriented spirit (not focused on selling services) allows us to create solid and lasting personal and professional relationships.


All this thanks to a thorough analysis and strategic planning phase, in addition to the fact that we are specialised in food & beverage marketing.

How do we carry out market analysis?


A few years ago, during the course of a market analysis, the goal was to group data and come up with 5- or 10-year forecasts.

Today’s market has reached an evolutionary speed that makes forecasting of this type futile (in addition to being associated with lengthy and expensive analyses).


The panorama that can currently be considered is approximately 6-12 months. The strategy and the actions that are built as a result of the analysis will need to be structured dynamically and through “continuous listening” to what the market is indicating.


The most efficient analysis, today, interprets and enables us to structure dynamic market strategies, which can be remodelled every six months with agility.

That’s why our market analysis takes no longer than three months, during which we analyse the market, we analyse competitors, we analyse the potential customers of our client, and we analyse the company we are supporting itself.


We combine all this data in order to isolate the fundamental elements of the strategy: what our client can provide that is unique to the market, and that meets the interests of a group of potential customers.


Following this study phase, we deliver a marketing strategy to our clients which provides a view of market trends, together with a marketing plan that will guide the activity over the following months.


We specialise in identifying “Blue Oceans” or – to put it another way – in building market strategies aimed at untapped demand, in order to create new customers and prospects by locating them in sets unexplored by others, expanding the customer base while maintaining and nurturing our client’s historical customers.


Through this type of strategy and using branding, we create added value. 

We enable our clients, through the strategy, to create value around their brand and employ marketing and commercial tools that are not simply about pricing.


Differentiating in the market in a strategic way and therefore starting from precise knowledge of the customer you want to attract, achieves results and – through analysis – we can uncover slices of the market that competitors are not reaching.


This is how you build a marketing strategy in the food & beverage sector that it is efficient and effective.


This is how, over the years, we have built up our role as reliable food & beverage consultants, capable of generating concrete results.



Of course, the strategic part of the work is only the first to be dealt with. We manage the execution and implementation of each marketing and communication activity for our clients (we can be their 100% outsourced marketing department).


In this executive phase, excellence and obsession with the result are fundamental: following industry practices leads to inertia and waste.

We work to achieve results, not to sell services.


We plan in order to find new, effective paths and seek to detect every sign of evolution in the market in order to create competitive advantage for our clients.


Want to know more? You can check out the results we have achieved so far (click here to see our results) .

Giuseppe Adelardi

CEO di IDEA Food and Beverage, marketing manager e business developer. In base ai dati raccolti dalle nostre analisi di mercato, creo le strategie ed estrapolo i posizionamenti strategici dei nostri clienti. A seguire, a partire dal business plan delle aziende, elaboro il budget e il marketing plan.

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