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Following the impressive results achieved in the Le Piantagioni del Caffè project, the management at the roaster asked us to join them as partners for the next phase of the project: opening single-brand outlets.

The relationship established over time, of mutual trust and extreme loyalty (key features of every professional and personal relationship embarked on by IDEA) led to Le Piantagioni del Caffè inviting us to share in an important stage of the journey of growth for the brand and the company. We were delighted to accept, given the impressive technical and managerial skills, combined with the wonderfully fresh ideas and approach, that we discovered in Iacopo Bargoni (CEO) and Prunella Meschini (marketing and R&D manager), who lead the team at the Livorno-based roaster with a reputation for excellence.

And so, we established a NewCo, under the name “Specialty People SRL”, concerned with developing an entirely innovative concept in the café industry in Italy and abroad. The goal is to open a number of outlets over the course of just a few years.

There are many elements of technical innovation that characterise the relationship between the customer and the product, as well as between the customer and personnel at the premises. The key focus was to place the needs of all potential quality coffee enthusiasts (we refer to them as “Specialty People”) at the centre of the project.

FLUID is designed as an outlet where customers can experience the Le Piantagioni del Caffè philosophy first-hand and take their first steps into the world of quality coffee – in the most relaxed, simple, barrier-free way possible. The goal is to win over new enthusiasts by doing away with the modes of expression typical of artisans, which can sometimes become self-referential.

And so, the strategy focuses on tapping into the so-called “Blue Ocean”: the latent demand for premium coffee.


The market launch for the project is scheduled for January 2022. Stay tuned!

Valori del prodotto
  • Il cliente al centro della strategia
  • Caffè di singola piantagione e di alta qualità
  • Modalità innovativa di interazione con il prodotto e con il personale
  • Location strategiche
Valori della strategia
  • Human to Human marketing
  • Concept basato sui desideri inespressi del cliente
  • Fidelity e community
  • Disruptive branding

Coming soon: February 2022