What have we done
  • strategic marketing
  • advertising campaign
  • advertising budgeting

We organised an online and offline rebranding project for Rossi & Rossi – spirit selector and distributor and owner of the Wilson & Morgan and Ron Millionario Rum Nation brands – aimed at raising awareness among professional clients of the key role of the selector. 

Our focus was on developing a unique, distinctive, and meaningful image, drawing on market analysis, capable of showcasing the specific characteristics of the family behind the Rossi & Rossi brand and setting the company apart from other operators in the sector that only handle distribution.

We supported Rossi & Rossi in developing consultancy initiatives, an in-house academy and masterclasses. Elements that, combined with a communications approach consistent with the chosen strategy, position Rossi & Rossi very differently to its competitors, focusing on competitive factors and a target market concerned with high quality.


Our work focuses not only on differentiating the Rossi & Rossi brand but also on giving it a distinctive identity, and placing it, rather than the brands it sells, in the foreground. Indeed, many distributors operate solely based on commercial dynamics, under a very weak, poorly positioned brand.

Our work for Rossi & Rossi instead aims to make Rossi & Rossi an important and fundamental development partner for its clients, so that the brand becomes central, rather than the brands of the products sold.

These efforts are targeted not only at professional clients, but also at consumers, to enable them to begin to recognise and place trust in the selector’s brand.