What have we done
  • strategic marketing
  • visual communication
  • shareholders consulting
  • communication and marketing
  • advertising campaign
  • launch event

Pasta Dock is a new fresh pasta store in Florence!

It is part of the La Pasta Fresca di Raimondo Mendolia project, which has seen a series of outlets opening at the Mercato Centrale in Florence. Pasta Dock was initially conceived of as a production laboratory, before evolving into a service outlet, a local store where residents and workers in the area could have lunch, and buy fresh pasta to cook at home, as well as other quality products selected directly by Raimondo’s team.

Our work with Pasta Dock involved coming up with the name, payoff, brand, visuals and store display.

We subsequently oversaw the marketing and communications campaigns, based on the principles of storydoing and human-to-human marketing” in order to engage patrons and achieve break-even.



Product values
  • Master pasta-maker Raimondo Mendolia
  • Fresh pasta produced at each outlet
  • Ingredients selected by artisans
Strategy values
  • Personal branding for Raimondo Mendolia
  • Communication of competitiveness factors
  • Fidelity and community
  • Innovation in the sector and image curation