What have we done
  • chef coaching
  • events and communication

We worked with the Alberto Capo restaurant (previously “Mano Amica”) on a project aimed at fully revamping the concept, at the request of the client. The restaurant therefore transitioned from a menu with an average value of €20 per head to a menu with an average value of €50 per head, involving a radical shift in target audience, positioning in the market and margins.

The process required three years’ work, with elements implemented gradually, leading to the launch of the new Alberto Capo concept restaurant, supported by renowned food and wine critic Davide Oltolini. We handled the initial analysis, strategy, communications, events, network and coaching of the owner-chef Alberto Capo.

We then supported the restaurant in its press office, PR, digital PR, and social media management activities.

Over the next two years, we will support the restaurant to further expand and grow.

Five years on from the beginning of the project, the restaurant’s turnover is up 180% on initial takings.

Product values
  • magical location
  • Family business
Strategy values
  • Marketing strategico applicato alla ristorazione
  • strategic marketing
  • Disruptive branding