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Giuseppe Adelardi 20 settembre 2022

IDEA Food & Beverage was born from a necessity felt by the founders: to re-establish trust in the world of marketing and consulting.

For too long and on too many occasions we had seen projects based solely on intuition, creativity and the emotion and passion of entrepreneurs, leading to an enormous waste of money, potential and talent. We were losing faith in the very sector in which we had chosen to develop up to that point as consultants.

This is because, as leading psychologists and psychotherapists confirm, allowing ourselves to be driven by our emotions and passions means living in an “instinctive” way, failing to leverage that which differentiates humans  from the animal kingdom: the ability to reason.

The ability to reflect, to use experience as an objective method, and the adoption of science-based approaches are what make us, as a species, what we are today. Applying this principle to business is elementary and fundamental to us.

We arrived from different paths, but they all converged at this junction of real necessity. It was not, and is not, simply a desire.

And so we decided to create this company around a mission: to build an agency where everyone is obsessed with the need to achieve concrete and objective results through the construction of a model based on a scientific method.

It is not about pleasing or humouring the client, often quite the opposite: guiding the client to an understanding of what their company really needs (which they are sometimes unconsciously rejecting).

This type of work involves considerable effort and complexity for us, for example:


  • We often have to train our clients in this kind of approach
  • Overcoming various barriers in the relationship with clients accustomed to working on intuition and not deduction
  • Winning the trust of clients accustomed to suppliers who need to be constantly prompted or monitored
  • The determination to say “no” to our clients on various occasions, for their benefit and to create initiatives born from a strategy
  • Many additional hours of work to structure solid strategies, while having to stay within market prices
  • Continuously challenging our assumptions using a scientific methodology
  • Constant, daily evolution made necessary by the need to be proactive
  • Pioneering a new model of work, for which no playbook exists
  • Frankness, sincerity, honesty (when deceit and indulgence is often easier)


These are all poor choices in financial terms, that limit the landscape of companies that can become clients. In fact, it is fundamental for us to come into contact with entrepreneurs and/or managers who are very dynamic, with a flexible mindset, and – a much rarer quality – who have learned to delegate.

When we meet a potential client, the first thing we analyse is this elasticity and desire to move out of their comfort zone, to embrace a model that pursues concrete results. We often find ourselves in the situation of having to reject projects or collaborations precisely because of the absence of these qualities.

Unfortunately, it would be easier to sell intuitive action (less work, easier to satisfy the client), but it would not create structural growth, which would go against our values and above all – if not actually deceitful – it would, at the very least, be accomplished through the sale of unnecessary services to companies that will thus compromise competitiveness.

We are responsible not only for the company, but also for its employees and their families.

Which is why we decided to take the more arduous and less travelled path. This, however, generates advantages in the medium and long term:

  • The relationship with our clients becomes extremely solid
  • We embark on the journey together, we take responsibility and therefore we are not treated as mere suppliers
  • Important and deep human connections are formed, because they are based on honesty
  • Our client companies grow structurally and steadily
  • Often our clients ask us to develop projects in partnership with them
  • Shared values bond us to our clients
  • These values allow us to create “systems” and partnerships and synergies between our clients as well
  • Once the strategy has been developed, we can execute it rapidly since the decisions have already been made and the responsibilities delegated to the relevant departments
  • Once the strategy and budget have been established, we work methodically and autonomously, lifting the burden and obligation from the client, acting as an outsourced marketing department
  • We can integrate into the company structure in a fluid way: guiding freelancers, consultants and the marketing department in achieving the objectives
  • In our work, we can apply everything we believe in
  • We don’t need to tell fibs or “bite our tongues”, we are free to say what we think and what we consider to be correct
  • We don’t have to consider vanity metrics (like followers, site visits or turnover not supported by profit), and we can focus on relevant factors such as margins and brand value
  • Our clients know that we work in order to build their success, not for the purpose of charging a fee
  • We are pioneers, and as a result we have very little direct competition

The results we have achieved are clear: our clients (See results here) see their turnover grow on average between 25% and 40% each year. This is the best demonstration of the value of work based on method and an obsession with operating with passion, quality and reason.

We are honoured to create projects in partnership with some of our clients (See projects here), and these also allow us to obtain a vast amount of important data, which we use to gain an even deeper understanding of the market.


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Giuseppe Adelardi

CEO di IDEA Food and Beverage, marketing manager e business developer. In base ai dati raccolti dalle nostre analisi di mercato, creo le strategie ed estrapolo i posizionamenti strategici dei nostri clienti. A seguire, a partire dal business plan delle aziende, elaboro il budget e il marketing plan.

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