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Giuseppe Adelardi 10 ottobre 2022

One of the most complex choices a marketing manager has to make relates to the selection of partners for the development of projects.

A decision of this type means taking on important responsibilities, since the right partner can mean the difference between success and failure, and the responsibility will ultimately lie with the marketing manager!

As an agency owner, I can say I have been on the other side of the table as well, in the role of the person within the company who had to choose which agency or supplier to rely on for the outsourcing of certain tasks: food marketing, web marketing, architectural projects, communication campaigns, illustrations, press office and much more.

These experiences helped me a lot in understanding how to set up and grow IDEA Food & Beverage from this point of view.


In fact, while some of our main clients may be entrepreneurs with a maximum turnover of 10-12 million euros, for whom we represent a fully outsourced marketing and consulting agency, our core client base is marketing managers of companies with a turnover of 15 million euros and upwards, for whom we must be a reliable partner possessing certain fundamental characteristics:

  • reliability and availability for meetings and calls
  • budgeting that is accurate and adhered to
  • deadlines that are specific and consistently met
  • excellence in execution
  • zero careless errors
  • proactive and with elevated know-how in the relevant sector
  • constant updating and access to industry studies

For marketing managers of large companies (we work with businesses with turnovers of up to 600 million), attention to detail and punctual delivery – together with quality – are absolutely essential characteristics.

When a marketing manager assumes this responsibility, they must be able to depend on trustworthy suppliers who fully understand the needs of the business.


In these cases we unbundle our services: we are no longer a complete and extremely creative, fully outsourced marketing agency, compact and dedicated to structuring the medium and long-term development strategy and assuming full responsibility.

Instead, we become a reliable, trusted and responsive partner in the execution of the individual needs that arise, in order to immediately achieve the desired result for the marketing manager.


Our entrepreneurial nature means we are available 20 hours a day, including for emergencies, and our comprehensive structure allows us to fulfil all sorts of necessities: from press office to design, from web development to social media posts, and from web marketing strategy to photo and video shoots.


We have integrated a business management system which allows us to track all processes, improve productivity and accurately track costs and lead times. In this way we can set realistic deadlines and meet them consistently, thanks to data collected over the course of years which provide an objective basis for our forecasting.

We are also incredibly specific when it comes to the results agreed upon with marketing managers: our working model is based on scientific methodology and as a result, when we set ourselves objectives, we know how and in what timeframe we can achieve them.


Through this type of approach we successfully support marketing managers both in decision-making processes (providing qualitative and quantitative market analysis), and in the execution of projects, such as:


  • implementation and execution of innovative strategies for the press office through media outreach and public relations activities;
  • management of the opening of training centres (starting from the concept, to the creation of the structure and through to the design and implementation of courses);
  • creation of new product lines directed towards specific positioning objectives;
  • opening of concept spin-offs that pursue specific brand objectives and financial targets;
  • digitalisation of customer care through bots, automation and implementation of CRM strategies;
  • production engineering for kitchen operations in order to open chain outlets;
  • development of a series of events aimed at specific target-audience objectives and brand positioning;
  • development of e-commerce and complex web platforms;
  • development of photo and video shoots;
  • creation of logos and brand image;
  • creation of labels and illustrations.


In the above cases, we set ourselves precise goals, timelines and budgets with the marketing managers, which were fully adhered to (with objectives at times exceeded).


Want to find out more? Write to us and we will organise a meeting where we can give you a deeper insight into the breadth of our experience!

Giuseppe Adelardi

CEO di IDEA Food and Beverage, marketing manager e business developer. In base ai dati raccolti dalle nostre analisi di mercato, creo le strategie ed estrapolo i posizionamenti strategici dei nostri clienti. A seguire, a partire dal business plan delle aziende, elaboro il budget e il marketing plan.

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